China flex PCB prototyping pricelist

  • Layers: China flex PCB prototyping pricelist

  • Surface finish:  ENIG

  • Line width/Line spacing:0.2/0.15mm

  • Thickness:0.15mm

  • Min. hole diameter:0.2mm

  • Application: Medical Treatment

  • Inventory quantity: 9999

Flex PCB Board Applications

Flex PCB board applications are very broad, especially in computer, automotive electronics, military aerospace, industrial electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics and other fields. The main products in the field of consumer electronics are smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, etc. The main products in the automotive field are LED, dial instrument, ADAS, entertainment control system, etc. The main products of computer field are server, data storage, etc;  the main products in the military space field are artificial satellites, detection instruments, radar systems, etc. The main products in the field of industrial control are laser measurement and control, sensors, heating coils, etc;  the main products in the medical field are psychological therapy instruments, pacemakers, endoscopes, probes and so on.
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Flex PCB Board Factory Equipment

Huihe Circuits flex PCB board manufacturers have automatic production lines, testing equipment, multiple full-automatic copper sinking lines, full-automatic exposure machines, LDI exposure machines, flying needle testing machines, full-automatic AOI optical testing machines, FPC film presses and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a professional flex PCB board manufacturer with large scale, complete equipment, strict management and excellent quality.  

Choose our advantage

1. The selection of high-quality imported raw materials, from the source to ensure product quality

2. Introduce a full set of imported automatic production lines and testing equipment

3. Experienced FPC production process team

4. Strict quality control system to ensure the reliability of products

5. Quick response, fast delivery


What are the solutions for Flex PCB connector?

1. To avoid friction between the FPC and the shell, an iron shaft is usually installed in the shell to fix the flex PCB onto the iron shaft.

2. A layer of foam is pasted on the contact area of the flex PCB connector with the hole diameter to reduce the damage to the FPC. 

3. The problem on the flex PCB connector can be solved by changing the length of the flex PCB boards.

4. For mobile phones with flip and rotation, when selecting flex PCB boards, the first consideration is to wrap the FPC on the shaft or replace the FPC with coaxial cable to avoid distortion and fracture of the FPC.

Single layer flex PCB prototyping FAQ

Q1. How long does it take for single layer flex PCB prototyping?
Hello, under normal circumstances, it is usually delivered in about 3 days, or it can be expedited for 24H or 48H.

Q2. Can the flex PCB connector do it?
Hello, yes.

Q3. Would you like to ask whether the single layer flex PCB prototyping is formed by die punching or by laser?
Hello, our company adopts die stamping forming method.

Q4. Can flex PCB prototyping pricelist provide it?
Hello, please contact customer service for details, thank you!

Shipping Info

Huihe circuits has selected professional UPS, DHL and FedEx service operators to maintain the best transport record in the industry, and can provide customized international transport services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance and other services to meet the diversified needs of orders.

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