What are the main raw materials used to make FPC?

2016-10-16 08:46:40

The main raw materials for making FPC are varied, as described below:

1、the base material is divided into adhesive base material and non-adhesive base material:

The adhesive base material is composed of three parts: copper foil, glue and PI. There are two kinds of single-sided and double-sided substrates. The material with only one copper foil is single-sided and the material with two copper foils is double-sided.No plastic base material is no rubber base material, it is relative to the ordinary with plastic base material, less in the middle of the rubber, only copper foil and PI in two parts, is better than have a rubber base material with thinner, dimensional stability, higher heat resistance, higher resistance to bending, the advantages of better chemical resistance, is used widely in this

2、 copper foil, currently commonly used copper foil thickness has the following specifications, 1OZ, 1/2OZ, 1/3oz, now launched 1/4oz thickness of thinner copper foil, but this material has been used in China, in the ultra-fine line (line width line distance of 0.05mm and below) products. As customers demand more and more, this kind of material will be widely used in the future.

3. The covering film is composed of the main release paper, glue and PI, and only glue and PI are retained on the product. The release paper will be torn off in the production process and no longer used (there are foreign bodies on the protective glue).

4, reinforcement is FPC soft board specific use of material, used in a specific part of the product, in order to increase the support strength, make up for FPC is "soft" characteristics.

5. Other auxiliary materials:

Pure adhesive: this adhesive film is a thermosetting acrylic adhesive film consisting of protective paper/release film and a layer of adhesive, mainly used for laminated boards, soft and hard bonded boards, and FR-4/ steel sheet reinforcement boards, to play the role of bonding.

Electromagnetic protective film: pasted on the board for shielding.

Pure copper foil: only copper foil composition, mainly used for hollow plate production.