Common FPC terms

2016-10-16 08:46:40

FPC is a flexible electronic circuit board, flexible circuit board is made of polyimide or polyester film as a substrate with high reliability. Referred to as flexible board or FPC, has the characteristics of high wiring density, light weight and thin thickness.、

1、Access Hole:It is a protective layer on the surface of the soft plate,It is used for bonding on the surface of soft plate circuit as anti-welding film.The hole wall or square welding pad should be exposed to facilitate the welding of parts. Some multilayer boards also have such holes.

2、Acrylic is a common name for polyacrylic resin, which is used as a film for subsequent use in most flexible panels. 

3、Adhesive is a substance, such as a resin or paint, that binds two interfaces together.

4、Anchoring Spurs make the hole ring welding pad on the surface of the board with stronger adhesion properties, can be in the hole ring outside the excess space, and then add a few finger claws, make the hole ring more consolidated, to reduce the possibility of floating from the board.

5、Bandability is one of the characteristics of Dynamic Flex Board.

6、Bonding Layer usually refers to the Bonding Layer between the film Layer of a multilayer board, or TAB tape, or soft board, copper sheet and polyimide (PI) substrate.

7、The outer wiring of a soft board is not easily solderable using the green paint used for a hard board because it may fall off when bent. Need to use a soft "acrylic" laminated on the board, can be used as anti-welding film and can protect the outer line, and enhance the resistance and durability of the soft plate, this special "outer film" is called the surface protection or protection layer.

8、Dynamic Flex(FPC) is a flexible circuit board that requires continuous motion.

9、Adhesive Film Adhesive then membrane, membrane to dry then layer of thin, including reinforcing fiber cloth Film, or excluding reinforcing material only a thin layer of Adhesive material.

10、FPC flexible board is a special circuit board that can be assembled downstream with a three-dimensional shape change. Its substrate is flexible polyimide (PI) or polyester (PE). This kind of soft board also like hard board, can make plated through hole or surface adhesive pad, for through hole insertion or surface adhesive. The surface can also be attached with soft protection and welding purposes of the Cover Layer, or printing soft welding green paint.