Multilayer Flex PCB Prototype

Layers: Multilayer Flex PCB Prototype 

Surface finish:  ENIG

Line width/Line spacing:0.04/0.05mm

Copper thickness:18um

Thickness: 0.15mm

Min. hole diameter: 0.15mm

Application: consumption

Inventory quantity: 9999

Multilayer Flex PCB Applications

Multilayer flex PCB applications are very extensive, especially in the fields of computer, automotive electronics, military aerospace, industrial control electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics, etc. The main products in the field of consumer electronics are smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, etc; The main products in the automotive field include LED, instrument panel, ADAS, entertainment control system, etc; The main products in the computer field include servers, data storage, etc; The main products in the military aerospace field include artificial satellites, detection instruments, radar systems, etc; The main products in the field of industrial control include laser measurement and control, sensors, heating coils, etc; The main products in the medical field include psychotherapy apparatus, pacemaker, endoscope, probe, etc.

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Huihe Circuits Factory Equipment

Multilayer flex PCB manufacturers have automatic production lines, testing equipment, multiple automatic copper sinking wire, automatic exposure machine, LDI exposure machine, flying needle testing machine, automatic AOI optical measuring machine and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, we are professional multilayer flex PCB factory with large scale, complete equipment, strict management and excellent quality.  

Huihe multilayer flex PCB advantage

1. The selection of high-quality imported raw materials, from the source to ensure product quality

2. Introduce a full set of imported automatic production lines and testing equipment

3. Experienced FPC production process team

4. Strict quality control system to ensure the reliability of products

5. Rapid customer service response and delivery


Introduction to multilayer custom flex PCB boards

Multilayer custom flex PCB boards have very big differences in the use scenarios, products, performance, materials, areas and other aspects, which will lead to unusual changes in the types of components used by different multilayer custom flex PCB boards, connection wire thickness, wiring density and other aspects, which requires that multilayer custom flex PCB boards manufacturers have experienced production capacity. When positioning the multilayer custom flex PCB boards, pay attention to avoid using silk marks to reduce errors. Huihe circuits has perfect manufacturing process capability and can meet the various product requirements of customers of multilayer custom flex PCB boards. Come and contact us!

Multilayer Custom Flex PCB Boards FAQ

Q1. Are you a manufacturer of multilayer custom flex PCB boards?
Hello, yes.

Q2. Can HDI multilayer flex PCB boards be produced?
Hello, yes.

Q3. Can the 0.2mm hole of four-layer flex PCB boards be produced?
Hello, yes.

Q4. How long does it take for multilayer custom flex PCB boards?
Hello, see the details.

Shipping Info

Huihe circuits has selected professional UPS, DHL and FedEx service operators to maintain the best transport record in the industry, and can provide customized international transport services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance and other services to meet the diversified needs of orders.

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