What are the flex PCB design guidelines?

Flex PCB design guidelines are professional electronic circuit designers through continuous adjustment, testing and collation of the guidance books. FPC design involves many aspects, including size, location point, ground point, connector, viscose area, welding size, file format, line layout, production difficulty and so on. A good product design scheme can allow the FPC manufacturer to reduce the loss of costs in the production process. The flex PCB design guidelines to a large extent help the new people who just entered the industry to avoid a lot of detours.
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What are huihe circuits' service products?

Huihe circuits is a professional manufacturer of flex PCB prototype and mass production services. Also can manufacture high precision 2-28 layer multilayer PCB, high frequency PCB, heavy copper PCB, mixed medium laminate PCB, metal package edge PCB, high Tg PCB, sidestep boards, controlling depth sidestep PCB, counterbore PCB, metallized half-hole PCB, blind via PCB, impedance PCB, via pad PCB and other special circuit boards. A win-win situation can be achieved to a certain extent by matching the designer and manufacturer.
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FPC Process Capacity and Production Time

Huihe circuits are oriented to market demand, introducing professional production technology, fully automated production equipment and perfect quality management system, advocating green business philosophy, actively practicing corporate social responsibility, so as to meet customers' demand for rapid production of more high-end products, and continuously creating greater value for customers.
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What are the flex PCB design rules?

In order to produce reliable FPC products and flex PCB manufacturer cost loss, the following needs to be considered in the front-end flex PCB design:
1. Maintain the flexibility of the FPC board
2. Incision design is required for FPC board
3. Avoid bending around corners
4. Arc routing can be used
5.  Avoid sudden change of the width of the line
6. can use polygon covered copper
7. need to strengthen the pad
8. need to keep the double-sided flexibility

Rigid flex PCB design considerations

1. If the grid interval is too small in rigid flex PCB design front end, it will lead to a lot of broken film in the process of the printed circuit board, which is attached to the board, resulting in wire breaking.

2. If the aperture of single-sided welding pad is set wrong in rigid flex PCB design front-end, it will lead to problems in the process of drilling.

3. In rigid flex PCB design front end, the electric stratum should be properly planned to avoid the problem of welding pad and connection.

4. In rigid flex PCB design front end, attention should be paid to the problem of pad overlap. If the holes overlap, the drill bit will be broken and the holes will be damaged in the drilling process, resulting in extra cost consumption of the factory.

China Flex PCB Manufacturer Equipment

Huihe circuits flex PCB manufacturer has automated production lines, testing equipment, multiple automatic copper sinking wires, automatic exposure machine, LDI exposure machine, flying needle testing machine, automatic AOI optical measuring machine, FPC fast press machine and other equipment. With marketing departments in Shenzhen and Shanghai, it is a professional flex PCB manufacturer with large scale, complete equipment, strict management and high quality.

Flex PCB Design FAQ

1. Is your company a flex PCB manufacturer?
Hello, yes.

2. Does your company provide flex PCB design service?
Hello, our company does not provide flex PCB design services for the time being, but can provide optimization suggestions and manufacturing services.

3. What should I pay attention to in the routing of the FPC board?
Hello, our company suggests that the signal of FPC board should be smooth and the main direction should be short, straight and less over hole.

4. What materials are needed for the design turning of multi-layer FPC board?
Hello, our company suggests using thin PI material.

5. Could you tell me how long it will take to flex PCB design and manufacture?
Hello, it depends on the specific product information.