Flex Circuit Prototyping Services

Flex circuit prototyping Services is the key step from project development to mass production, and cycle, quality and cost are the key pain points. Huihe circuits are dedicated to saving cost and improving efficiency by optimizing internal management mode, so as to bring value to customers with maximum professionalism. Huihe circuits are dedicated to providing customers with fast and easy flex circuit prototyping services, ensuring that your circuit board designs can be verified quickly and efficiently to advance mass production and project delivery. Quality flex circuit prototyping Services are:

1. Fast FPC allegro proofing

2. SMT Patch service

3. Flying needle test and inspection

4. Safe packaging of electrostatic bag + bubble bag + carton
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Flex Circuit Assembly Equipment

In the flex circuit assembly welding process, the precise positioning and fixing of the FPC is the focus, the key to good fixing is to make the appropriate carrier plate, followed by the pre-baking, printing, patch and reflow welding of the FPC. Because the process difficulty of flex circuit assembly is much higher than PCB hard board, it is necessary to set the process parameters precisely. In the production process of flex pcb assembly, it is necessary to rely on many machines to complete the assembly of a board, often the quality of a factory's machines and equipment directly determines the manufacturing capacity.

The basic equipment required for the production of flex pcb assembly includes solder paste printing machine, patch machine, reflow welding, AOI detector, component clipper, wave soldering, tin furnace, plate washing machine, ICT test fixture, FCT test fixture, aging test frame, etc. Flex pcb assembly manufacturers of different sizes have different equipment.


What are flex circuit materials?   

In order to meet the requirements of FPC, the properties of thin, transparent, flexible, good tensile, corrosion resistance insulation and other properties become the key indicators of flexible substrate. Common flex circuit materials are polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), polyester (PET), polyimide (PI), polyethylene dimethyl glycol ester (PEN), paper, textile and so on. The light penetration, surface roughness and material cost of flex circuit materials are all factors to be considered. Huihe circuits can provide flex circuit materials, rigid flex PCB materials, Tg PCB materials and so on.

Professional Flex PCB Supplier in China

Huihe circuits is a professional flex pcb supplier, dedicated to the production and manufacturing of flex PCB, multilayer flex PCB, as well as a fast flex pcb assembly quote service. Flex pcb supplier produces products covering power supply, medical equipment, industrial control, communication, automotive electronics, security electronics, LED lighting, consumer electronics and other fields. Products are exported to Europe, America, Asia Pacific and other regions. If you have flex PCB, multilayer flex pcb product requirements, please contact Huihe circuits flex pcb supplier!

Flex PCB Assembly Cost

Flex PCB assembly cost is relatively high compared to other types of boards, which is a key factor in its high sales price. With the improvement of flex PCB assembly technology and the breakthrough of structural design and higher technology, the overall assembly cost shows a new development trend, and the cost price of flex PCB assembly also shows a trend of decline. The overall assembly cost has gradually narrowed the gap with the traditional rigid circuit board.

Flex PCB Assembly advantages

1. Huihe circuits is a high-tech Flex PCB assembly enterprise integrating production and sales. With 12000 square meters of factory buildings, Huihe circuits has established marketing departments in many cities.

2. Huihe circuits' main products are FPC, FPC bar, mobile phone FPC, multi-layer FPC, flexible circuit board, touch screen FPC, Flex PCB assembly, etc. A complete range of products, high assembly density, small size, special thermal insulation function, easy installation, high reliability.

3. Huihe circuits has implemented a standardized management system, which has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, ISO13485, OHSAS18001, UL, RoHS, REACH, CQC and other management system certification and product inspection and testing.
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Advantages of Huihe Flex PCB Assembly

1. On time delivery: prototype: 3 days;  low volume pcb: 7 days; medium volume pcb: 10 days; high volume pcb: 12 days.

2. Price concessions: from production to sales integrated factory, save customers to find middlemen, agents, traders time, to provide ex-factory prices.

3. Quality assurance: from the source of materials, to ensure the real material.

Flex PCB Assembly Services FAQ

Q1. Does your company provide flex PCB assembly services?
Hello, yes.

Q2. How long does your flex PCB assembly service cycle take?
Hello, the specific information shall prevail.

Q3. Is your flex PCB assembly expensive?
Hello, please refer to the data type.

Q4. Does the flex PCB assembly services include SMT?
Hello, including.


Huihe circuits chooses to cooperate with professional operators specializing in international air transportation, international logistics and international sea transportation services. According to your order requirements, we can provide customized international transportation services such as booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance, etc., to meet the diversified needs of your order.