What are the factors that affect flex PCB quotes?

Flex PCB is made of polyester film or polyester image, light and thin, high density, high flexibility, flexible folding, is not other types of circuit board advantages. Compared with traditional interconnect technology, flex PCB can withstand millions of bends, easy installation, and good heat dissipation. Flex PCB quote is a source of confusion for many buyers, many of whom symbolically ask the supplier how it calculates when placing an order offline. Because the flex PCB quote is subject to material, process, technical difficulty, customer requirements, manufacturer, payment method, region, defect rate and other factors, the customer usually needs to send PCB original data to provide accurate quotation.
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How does flex PCB supplier distinguish tin spray types?

With the continuous development of the electronics industry, the technology level of flex PCB suppliers is also improving rapidly. Tin spray is an industrial agent for PCB circuit board hot air leveling. The role of tin spray flux is to remove these oxides. Flex PCB supplier offers a wide variety of tin spraying methods. Professional flex PCB suppliers differentiate tin spraying methods by environmental protection, halogen, color, solid state, etc.

How to view the flex PCB cost?

The high cost of raw materials is one of the main reasons for the high price of a flex board PCB. Although flex PCB cost is high and creates trouble, the foldable, bendable and multi-layer board function will reduce the overall component size and material consumption, so that the total assembly cost is reduced. In the composition of flex PCB cost, the direct material cost usually accounts for about 60%, the direct labor cost usually accounts for about 15%, and the manufacturing cost usually accounts for about 25%. Flex PCB cost reductions can be achieved through manufacturing and labor costs, which can be achieved through automation equipment to improve production efficiency and yield, and labor costs can be reduced by moving to the Midwest.

What are the features of custom flex PCB?

A high degree of customization is the most important feature of flex board PCB. flex board PCB in the use of the scene, product, performance, material, area and other aspects are very big differences, will lead to different flex PCB in the use of the type of components, connection line thickness, wiring density and other aspects also have very big changes. This requires custom flex PCB manufacturers to have a very strong production capacity. One of the custom flex PCB positioning marks should pay attention to avoid the use of silk screen, reduce the error. Huihe circuits have a perfect process capability, can meet the custom flex PCB customer product needs, please contact us!
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Standard flex PCB thickness

Standard flex PCB thickness is usually 0.2mm, and thickening layer is added to the back where the part is to be welded. The thickening layer varies from 0.2mm to 0.4mm. The common thickness of rigid PCB is 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, etc. Multilayer standard flex PCB thickness. Multilayer standard flex PCB thickness. The thickness range of standard flex PCB is 0.1-0.2mm. It is necessary to pay attention to the gold finger and connector boards need to be strengthened. Generally, FR4 is used to strengthen, the price is cheap, and the effect is good.

What are the advantages of flex PCB?

Flex board PCB is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrates. The advantages of flex PCB are flexibility, reduced weight and space, suitable for harsh environments, better thermal management, etc.

1. Elasticity and bending ability are the main advantages of flex PCB.

2. Compared with other PCB boards, flex PCB is thin and light, which can greatly reduce the weight and space.

3. Advantages of flex PCB have corrosion resistance, waterproof, shockproof, moisture content.

4. flex PCB material has excellent thermal stability and can withstand extremely high heat.

What are the flex PCB applications?

With the rapid development of 5G, smart phones, foldable phones to miniaturized large screen development, have increased the consumption of flex board PCB.Flex PCB applications according to the products can be divided into smartphones, wearable devices, automotive electronic three categories.  The application in smart phone covers battery module, display module, touch module, camera module, connection module and so on. In wearable devices, flex board PCB is the main application material. The development of wearable devices will increase the demand for flex board PCB. In the field of automotive electronics, it covers body entertainment, lighting systems (LED) and instrument panels.  Flex PCB applications in aerospace, military equipment, industrial control applications or products.
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What is the flex PCB manufacturing process?

Flexible PCB is divided into single-sided FPC, double-sided FPC and multi-layer FPC according to the number of layers. Different layers of flex pcb manufacturing process are also different, the following single-sided fpc, double-sided fpc as an example to introduce:

1. Single-sided flex pcb manufacturing process:

Opening → drilling → sticking dry film → alignment → exposure → developing → etching → removing film → surface treatment → sticking covering film → pressing → curing → surface treatment → sinking nickel gold → printing characters → cutting → electrical measurement → punching → final inspection → packaging → shipping

2. Double-sided flex pcb manufacturing process:

Opening → drilling → PTH → electroplating → pre-treatment → sticking dry film → alignment → exposure → developing → graphic plating → film → Pre-treatment → sticking dry film → alignment exposure → developing → etching → film → Surface treatment → sticking covering film → pressing → curing → nickel gold → printing characters → cutting → Electrical measurement → punching → final inspection → packaging → shipping

Flex PCB Assembly Quotes Factors

FPC is made of polyester film or polyimide, which is light and thin, has high density, high flexibility, and can be bent and folded. It has advantages that other circuit board types do not have. Compared to traditional interconnect technologies, flex PCBs can withstand millions of bends, facilitate installation, and provide good heat dissipation. So, what factors are affecting the flex PCB assembly quotes?

1. Different materials used by FPC lead to different prices.

2. Different prices due to different processes used for flexible circuit boards.

3. Flexible circuit boards themselves have different technical difficulties, resulting in different prices.

4. The prices vary depending on the customer's requirements.

5. Price diversity caused by different manufacturers of flexible circuit boards.

6. Price differences caused by different payment methods.

7. Regional differences lead to price diversity.

8. Different electroplating methods result in different prices.

9. Surface treatment of the golden finger part.

10. The level of defect rate during FPC production also affects the unit price of flex PCB assembly quotes.

11. The cost of SMT on behalf of customers and the level of defect rate also determine the unit price of FPC.

Flex PCB Manufacturing Quotes

With the rapid development of modern technology, the manufacturing technology of flex PCB manufacturers has also undergone innovation and progress. One of the few large professional manufacturers worldwide that simultaneously have the ability to design, develop, manufacture, and sell various types of FPC PCB products is dedicated to the development and service platform of FPC PCB products. The Flex PCB manufacturing quotes  includes login account - online automatic quotation - online order placement, order control - order delivery - product acceptance.

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Professional proofing batch flex PCB manufacturers

Huihe circuits has a professional, dedicated and experienced technical, production and management team, advanced printed board special production equipment and a full set of testing instruments, follow up the progress of the whole ERP process, to ensure the stable quality of the production process, timely delivery, and to provide a full range of services for global customers. Strive to achieve a win-win situation with customers and partners.


Flex PCB Prototype Services FAQ

Q1. Can you provide flex PCB prototype services?

Hello, yes.

Q2. How long does it take for your company's 6L flex PCB prototype services?

Hello, it takes about 7 days for 6L flex PCB prototype services.

Q3. Is your flex PCB prototype free of charge?

Hello, please contact customer service for details.

Q4. Is there a time limit for your flex PCB prototype services?

Hello, there is no time.


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