China Custom Multilayer Flexible PCB Factory

  • Product name: China Custom Multilayer Flexible PCB Factory

  • Minimum line width: 5mil

  • Number of layers: 8

  • Thickness: 0.3mm

  • Surface finish: immersion gold

  • Inventory quantity: 9999

Flexible PCB Board Applications

Multilayer flexible PCB board applications are very broad, especially in computer, automotive electronics, military aerospace, industrial electronics, medical devices, consumer electronics and other fields. The main products in the field of consumer electronics are smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, etc. The main products in the automotive field are LED, dial instrument, ADAS, entertainment control system, etc. The main products of computer field are server, data storage, etc;  the main products in the military space field are artificial satellites, detection instruments, radar systems, etc. The main products in the field of industrial control are laser measurement and control, sensors, heating coils, etc;  the main products in the medical field are psychological therapy instruments, pacemakers, endoscopes, probes and so on.

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Multilayer Flexible PCB Factory In China Equipment

Huihe circuits multilayer flexible PCB factory has automatic production line, testing equipment, multiple automatic copper sinking wire, automatic exposure machine, LDI exposure machine, flying needle testing machine, automatic AOI optical measuring machine and other equipment. In Shenzhen, Shanghai has a Marketing Department, is a large scale, perfect equipment, strict management, good quality professional custom multilayer flexible PCB factory.

China custom multilayer flexible PCB factory

1. The selection of high-quality imported raw materials, from the source to ensure product quality

2. Introduce a full set of imported automatic production lines and testing equipment

3. Experienced FPC production process team

4. Strict quality control system to ensure the reliability of products

5. Rapid customer service response and delivery
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Multilayer Flexible PCB Factory FAQ

1. Are you a multilayer flexible PCB factory?
Hello, our factory is located in Xinfeng, Jiangxi. We can produce single sided flexible PCB board, double sided flexible PCB board and multilayer flexible PCB board.

2. Can 0.2mm multilayer flexible PCB board be produced?
Hello, yes.

3. Can multilayer flexible PCB board prototyping be expedited?
Hello, our company supports expedited 12 hours or 24 hours.

4. Can the impedance technology of multilayer flexible PCB board be produced?
Hello, yes.

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Huihe circuits Shipping Info

Choose a professional operator specializing in international air transportation, international logistics and international shipping services. According to your order needs, we can provide customized international transportation services from booking, customs clearance, customs transfer, warehousing, freight insurance, etc., to meet your diversified service needs.

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